Christos Xeraxoudis

Chef Christos Xeraxoudis, on the age of 31 takes over as executive chef in «Apocalypsis» restaurant for his very first time. His belief that combining Greek with Japanese cuisine is a unique opportunity to promote Greek gastronomy was among the key elements that appointed him as head chef in «Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa».

«Gastronomy means creativity», he states. For him, constant development and inexhaustible creativity played a decisive role in his decision to engage in cooking.

Besides, it is no accident that he chose to enrich restaurant «Apocalypis’» new menu with a Japanese touch. According to him, Japanese and Greek cultures have a lot in common, most important of which, the sea. His cooperation both with Alexandros Kardasis, who specializes in Greek cuisine and Katsu Hanamure at Sani Resort in Halkidiki, – a well merited representative of Japanese cuisine (chef for over 18 years at «Matsuhisa» restaurants) - shaped his desire to gastronomically combine Mediterranean with Asia, or else Japan with Greece.

In «Αpocalypsis» restaurant he prepares a menu using genuine Greek products as a backbone, which means high quality raw material, creating tasteful combinations that perfectly combine two great cultures: Mediterranean and Asian.