Dimitris Pamporis

Chef Dimitris Pamporis was the executive chef of «Apocalypsis» restaurant from 2010 until 2015. He has been active for more than fifteen years now in the area of gastronomy, having successful co-operations both in Greece and abroad.

His insistence on the emergence of Greek creative cuisine and his imagination in the use of the raw material were the key elements that made him, in 2010, the head chef of the newly built hotel «Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa». At a time when the island was trying to enrich its tourist identity, the creative dishes of the talented chef were the necessary additions, in order for Patmos to find its own position on the gastronomic map of the country.

In 2013, while searching for new techniques and inspiration to promote Greek cuisine more efficiently on an international level, Dimitris Pamporis works in the 3-star Michelin restaurant «Auberge de l'Ill» in Alsace, next to the famous chef Marc Haeberlin. His stay in France was beneficial and gave him the necessary confidence to integrate more innovations into his menu, without devastating from the path of «Hellenism» he had been following ever since his first steps. The «Greek Cuisine» award, given to him in 2014 by «Athinorama»'s Golden Chefs’ Cap committee, was the best reward for his unrelenting effort to promote the Dodecanese gastronomic culture.

Being a genuine lover of pure flavors and an experimental technician, in «Apocalypsis» restaurant he offered an imaginative menu with innovative presentations, using Greek products as the canvas.